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The Little Bookworm is a

collaboration between myself and Stuart,

Publisher and Creative Director of

Written and designed by Stuart and illustrated by me,

it follows the Little Bookworm as he eats his way through
all types of books.
'The little Bookworms favourite treat,
Is eating books, sheet by sheet,
BIG books, small books,
bath books, toy books,
all are yummy,
and good to eat!'

The Little Bookworm will be available autumn 2013.

Maisey in Sainsbury's!

Available for pre order at Sainsbury's, 
the wonderful Maisey and the Pirates series 
Two titles available at the beginning of 2013 are
'Maisey and the Pirates - The Sea Monster'
and 'Maisey and the Pirates - Ghost Ship'.

Summer 2013 will see two further Maisey and the Pirates
'Maisey and the Pirates and Grandpa's Treasure'
and 'Maisey and the Pirates Parrot Island'.

Author/Illustrator: Sam Walshaw
Publisher: Rockpool Children's Books Ltd 
ISBN: 9781906081430  
Release Year: 2013 Genre: Children's  
Number of Pages: 32

Pre-order at Sainsbury's Now

Neandersmall and the egg.

'Neandersmall and the egg' was shortlisted for a Publishing 
Innovation Award / Ebook-Children's, at the Digital Book World 
Conference in New York.

New York based Bish Bash Books 
took Neandersmall, and produced the Neandersmall and the egg ebook. 

The digitisation was done by Inkebooks, here in the UK, 

Minnie the Minnow

Minnie the Minnow is very sad.
She is little, grey, and dull, but lives in a colourful world 
of dazzling coral and exotic sea life!
Because she is so different Minnie has no friends, but things 
were about to change, and those who ignored and didn´t want to know her, 
would see Minnie in a totally different light!
Both Minnie the Minnow and Minnie the Minnow and Jasper the Jumping Jellyfish
were sold to China by Rockpool Children's Books

at the Bologna Children's Book fair.

The Little Fairies.

The Little Fairies,

is a concept inspired by the folklore and mystery of fairies in the garden.
Whereas urban tales and heroes abound,
The Little Fairies take tiny viewers into their own tiny world
where vibrantly coloured flowers and fernsscramble towards the sunlight 
high over head. Insects and other small creatures go about their daily business
among iridescent blades of grass, and the slightest change
in the weather can have a big impact.
As exciting as it is, the fairies don’t just stay in the garden.
Sometimes they go to the beach or the countryside too – 
in fact they will go as far as their little wings will carry them!
Wherever they go, they encounter nature’s special dangers, 
threats, and problems.
But the fairies never give up – they know there is always a way!

At the Bologna Children's Book Fair, in March 2010,
Bookpoint from Bangkok, bought the rights
for the Little Fairies series.

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